Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4th

Day Four.

It was a really nice afternoon, we had clouds, thunder, lighting and rain.  It has been a while since it rained here in the valley.  I love it because the air feels so cool, a sure sign that fall/winter is heading our way.  It was was fast moving storm but it was still nice.  I got a a picture at the end of the storm and a little rainbow is in the shot in between the neighbors trees, hopefully you can see it.

Don't forget ladies, there was a nice challenge issued to do a layout so go here to see what the challenge is and participate.  I know I am surely going to because I need to get in gear so my sister's book is finished by Christmas.


BAHGL said...


Janice said...

Tricia... I saw the rainbow too! It was gone by the time I got my camera!! Great to have some "weather" though right!!
Have a great night!

Karen said...

Wasn't that storm great?? Love this cooler weather. :) Great picture!

Jodi_E said...

Got to love the rain here in AZ. Your photos are great. We had rain again this morning. Not a lot but some good wind too.

Sherri said...

Gorgeous photo Tricia!