Friday, October 1, 2010

31 days of October Blog Challenge

Over at one of my favorite scrappy homes Scrapbook Doodle we were issued a personal challenge by Karen to see if we could blog each day of the month of October.  For Karen it is to celebrate a special month leading up a favorite holiday of hers and her family, yup you guessed it Halloween. 

I thought since I am trying to blog on a more consistent basis this is the PERFECT challenge for me.  It has turned out that several of the Doodle girls are also participating this month.  I am going to share the list so you can enjoy the ramblings of all of us ladies for this entire month. 

To make it easy I am going make a special place on my blog to all of their blogs so you can zip on over to each one whenever you feel like to see what they are up to this month.


Jodi_E said...

Hey Tricia, so glad you join in this madness. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Karen said...

Hi Tricia! I am SOOO glad you are joining in this fun 31 days of blogging! :) Have a fantastic weekend! I am adding your blog to my blog list on my blog. :)