Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12th

Day 12.

Karen asked how I made my fried potato's.  I actually bake them first (in the microwave).  Then I let them sit until they are cool enough that I can slice them.  Then I heat up a skillet and coat it with the spray oil (like Pam) and I salt and pepper my potato's and just make them a little brown.  They are very tasty this way. 

I thought I would give you some more facts about me.

1.  I am an Arizona native and have lived here my entire life.
2.  When I was about 13 my Dad told me to help him, my Mom and Brother with the yard work and I told him this (these were my exact words), "Yard work isn't in my contract" (of course add in the normal teenager attitude).  Usually talking like that to either of my parents would have gotten me grounded but that day all my Dad could do was laugh at me and told me ok.
3.  I didn't like cooking when I first got married and Brian did it all for the first few years.  I have slowly come around and now I do most of the cooking.
4.  I was 14 the first time I went to Disney Land.
5.  I was in Girl Scouts from 2nd grade to 5th grade.


Karen said...

Thanks, Tricia!

Jodi_E said...

Tricia, love the teenage comment. To true to words they we all hear later in life as a parent.

Oh hey you AZ native meet another one. Lived here all my life except for a year of college.

Janice said...

Tricia... now I want fried potatoes!! Thanks.... its 10:40pm!! LOl Maybe this weekend! ;)