Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18

Day 18.

Nothing real exciting going on in my world today.  Just more catch up with house work I didn't get to on Saturday.
I noticed some you like to read, do any of you have an e-reader?  I think I want to get one and I am going to ask for one for my birthday.  I am still on the fence as to which one I want, it's between the Kindle and the Nook.  They both are very similar it is just a matter of deciding at this point which one I like better.  Trust me I will never give up on paper books entirely for a couple of silly reasons.  One, there are a couple of series that I will always want to keep in paper (the hard cover) and two, I like the smell of books.  Brian says I am weird for liking the smell of a new book.  Having said that, if you have one what's your opinion and if you don't have one, check the links out if you want and let me know your opinions.


BAHGL said...

I am not a reader but I have lots of friends who are readers and LOVE thier Kindles.

Karen said...

I have looked at them, but probably wouldn't get one since I love going to the book store. I like buying books. Love holding an actual book and being able to see how much more I have left to read until I am done. They are pretty cool though. Let us know which one you get. :)

Sherri said...

I have been looking at one of these....I am leaning towards the Sony or The Nook or Kobo. I want one that is PDF compatible too. The kindle will only support kindle files while the others will support each others file. Not to mention there are so many free ebooks out there!