Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Birthday, etc.

My birthday party last Saturday was a lot fun. I had a few close friends and some family over and we enjoyed cocktails and games. Of course we had to play some Guitar Hero. That seems to be a weekend ritual here with us. We even went to a little bar down the road and did some dancing. We didn't stay too long but that was ok with me. Let's just say I had one too many cocktails. As for pictures well I am usually the one who takes them so there are none because I was having too much fun and forgot to take them.

Fast forward to this weekend while yesterday Brian and I spent the day Christmas shopping and believe it or not we are almost done with our shopping. I believe we only have like 2 or 3 gifts to buy and then we are done. Of course I still need to buy some gifts for my co-workers but that shouldn't be that difficult. Can you believe we managed to get all that shopping done and didn't have to go to the mall to do any of it. I am so thankful for that because the mall is always such a zoo this time of year.

For some reason I still can't get my scrapping mojo back. Which stinks because I am not going to reach my goal of 100 Layouts. I think I somewhere in the 70's. Maybe now that our shopping is just about done I can do some scrapping but we shall see.


LIZZEE said...

Tricia, glad you had a great b-day.. now I can't forget it cause it's the same day as my mom's. Your mojo will come back it gets in a funk like that every so often all of us.. It's nice to have almost all shopping done will leave you some time.. If you dont' get your goal there is next year.*wink* scrapping is going no where.. LOL>

Delfina said...

I'm so happy to hear that you had a wonderful birthday.