Friday, June 20, 2008

Where have I been??

I haven't blogged in forever it seems well it's been over one month since I have done anything on here.

I have done some scrapping this month for my DT assignment and I have had the privilege of being this month's DT coordinator at AW&CT, which means that I made sure to post the all the required challenges etc. It seems pretty quiet over at AW&CT right now, with summer and a lot of the ladies are on vacations etc. I am sure it will pick up again.

I don't have any new LO's that I can share with everyone, I guess I have just been in a scrappy funk lately and I need to get out of it. Hopefully I will get my booty in my scrap room this week.

Other big new, my sister will be here tomorrow and she and Johnathan will be here for 3 weeks!! Brian and I are taking vacation starting on the 4th of July so I will be able to spend a week of quality time with my sister and Johnathan. We also invited our cousins Courtney and Ellissa(they are 10 and 9) to come stay either with Brian and I or at my parent's where my sister is staying. I am really looking forward to this.

Anyhow since I don't have any LO's to share I want to share this picture of the sunset that I took tonight, the photo isn't doing it justice the sun looked so red this evening, it was spectacular, I wish my camera would have picked up the color a little better but it didn't but it's still beautiful.


LIZZEE said...

Gorgeous pick that is one thing abuot Az..they have awesome sunsets.

Georgina said...

I love the sunsetting - the moon is beautiful too. great shot

gojenlaw said...

I love Arizona, I plan on going back sometime.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pick.....
Something else do you know if the Scrapbookgoddess onlinestore is still in business?
Hope you can help