Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year & Valentine's Day!

So it is a brand new year and I wish you all the best (I know this is a really late happy new but I did start this post shortly after New Years). I know that I have many hopes for this new year but I really hate to make resolutions because I know that I won't stick to them. One thing Brian and I are going to do is to try and eat healthier and exercise more. He is trying to quit smoking so I am rooting for him on that little adventure. He decided it was time because it may help us to conceive if he stops. We shall see. Yes I said concieve we are praying for a baby. I have wanted to try since we first got married but Brian wasn't ready and now he is really ready. Pray for us that it is God's will that we become parents.

When I started writing this Brian was trying to quit smoking well guess what he had help with Chantix and he has stopped smoking! I'm so proud of him. Let's pray that he is able to stay smoke free from now on.

As for the DT's I tried for I didn't get either of them and I am ok with it. I am proud of myself for at least trying.

Well guess what I think I'm going to try again for another DT, I found the call on the Pubcalls blog and I really love with website. The ladies on the forum are awesome and a real bonus is the owners have made a faith based website so not only do we get to share our love of scrapbooking with each other we get share our faith journey's with each other too. So you should come on by and peek at this website. It is a newer site and still growing, but like I said it a great bunch of people.

I do have some LO's that I want to share that I have done. During January, Secret Scrapper and Simply Obsessed websites had month long challenges and have really helped to give me a push on my scrapping. Both websites had challenges going through the entire month of January and that's how long you had to finish all the challenges so there is no pressure to finish right away you could go at your own pace. Honestly I didn't finish as many LO's as I wanted to but at least it was a start for my ultimate scrapping goal for the year.

An added bonus was at Secret Scrapper I was so honored to be asked to participate in the scrapathon and issue challenges and the ladies on that site did awesome job participating all month with the challenges even mine! I need to get a few RAK's out to some awesome girls which I will do in a few days.

Here's a few of the LO's I did during the month January for the Secret Scrapper and Simply Obsessed.

Can you believe that my Nana turned 90 years old! My Mom and her brothers and sisters put together a surprise party for her, it was a lot of fun! There were mariachi's singing to her as she walked up to my uncle's door. It was so cute to see, she started crying. We got to see a lot family members we don't get to see enough. An added bonus the party is that my sister and my Godson came to AZ for the party. It is always nice to see them. I spent as much time with them as could although I couldn't take any time off from work but there is always next time.

Everyone I wish you a happy Valentine's Day and I hope that your sweethearts don't forget to give you a little something!


LIZZEE said...

lots of fun and things to catch up...
Great layouts.. This month for is not much going on.. To many family things.. I want to see your grandma's project you did.... sounds so awesome.

LIZZEE said...

Tricia omg.. thanks so so much... for the RAK it was perrfect.. again thanks

Scrapthatpaper said...

Wow these layouts are gorgeous!! and Congrats to your Nana!!! 90 is a good reason to be smiling! :D WOO HOO